Friday, May 6, 2016


My handmaiden wife Amber Heard, from Austin,Texas, looks like one of those classic retro German blond high-shift [Jewish Princess] feme fatales featured in the third-way era of the INDIANA JONES:3 movie for a Godly hand-job reason. ~ ~ Hence, her current boyfriend sidekick movie star [dog lover] looks exactly like a 50 years-later version of River Phoenix; complete with hat, and old school boy scout badges on his cotton canvas campfire tent shirt. ~ ~ Don't laugh. This was the same tasty looking "trouty" blond who I meet in the diner car on my escape route in NORTH BY NORTHWEST; right as we are rolling past Cold Spring, New York on our way to Chicago, Illinois, circa 2016. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS ARIANA GRANDE: Message received. All is well that ends well. ~ ~ BIBLE LESSON NOTES: Today's white christian blond men will never overcome the new and improved gay marriage beast of Michael Moore er all until and unless they accept the fact that the young men must have more than one wife to keep them satisfied. ~ ~ Which is why that dirty little sex pervert named "Prince" died in an elevator with no legal will for an eternal inheritance for his sons and daughters. ~ ~ HANDY MAN NOTES: My blond handy man in the 1976 prophecy called THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW turns out to be Donald Trump himself in the end. ~ ~ Just saying. ~ ~ You play tricks on me, I play tricks on you. ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: Spring Branch, Texas was settled by BECK'S beer drinking white German christian pilgrims; who were at least 40% high shift language Hebrews. ~ ~ Which has now been completely overrun by the prince's animalistic power -oriented brown skinned ape people. ~ ~ Most of whom hate white people, according to the BM. And who overwhelmingly support suchdemocratic fascist third wayers as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
~ ~ If you don't believe me. ~ ~ Google the images of Michael Moore on the Internet and get a load of that Jewish hook nose on the mother fucker. ~ ~ Oh yeah. ~ ~ Every time that his fat pig [ANIMAL FARM] face appears on FOX or CNN, we're talking Donald Trump becomes the next President of America. ~ ~ Because a $billion$ dollars in free advertising primetime tv slot money will always trump a mealy little million dollars in paid for up-front advertising by Hillary Clinton's insulated high society billionaire banker donors, every day, 24/7. ~ ~

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