Monday, May 23, 2016


Those five foolish parachute flight school virgins died in a small plane crash at Port Allen Airport in Hawaii for confirmation of Ms Fuddy dying in the same way basically. ~ ~ Think fuddy duddy Hillary, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ Who knew for a fact that Barack Obama was born in Africa; according to his perfectly legal Hawaiian birth certificate information, signed off in absentia by his beloved grandmother. ~ ~ And then 11 years later, out of the blue, he returned with his divorced expatriate mother from Indonesia. So grandma had to get him a Social Security number later from the state's propate [Dead Navy transferee/retirees from New London, Conn.] files so he could get his first job as an innocent 16 year-old at 31 FLAVORS. ~ ~ Naturally, today's blond bimbos in the mainstream media know nothing about this. ~ ~ Because that would require them going on the Internet and reading things that have not yet been approved by FACEBOOK, er all. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BM NO.34 NOTES: On the same Sunday that Trump sent his [John Wayne] video to those apostate no.33 Christian Indian savages who have been cursed with a dark LAmanite skin, a bus full of their church ladies crashed on Rt.330 west of ARROWHEAD. ~ ~ Down from Gregory Lake and Bear Lake, near Waterman Canyon, uphill from [the Scottish] Highland, close to Twin Peaks... "OK, that's enough..." Elizabeth Hurley in AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. ~ ~ PS ZUCKERBERG: Over 20% of Bernie's voters are going to vote for Donald Trump after the dust settles. ~ ~ So where does that leave you? ~ ~ Like I said; 10% will not break you. And in your special top-5 case, 20% is probably also do able. ~ ~ PS MR. ALLEN: Looks like you now get to give Mel his 10%, and me the other 10%. ~ ~ Heck. Friday evening at 7:39 Michael told me that I now have around $285,000,000,000,000 in the bank. That's with a B; i.e. 10% of America's cheap easy money debt that was rung up by the illegal alien UFO abomination of desolation during his 8 straight years in office. ~ ~

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