Thursday, May 19, 2016


Mr. Safer died at 84 for those yuuuge diamonds in the safety box in MARATHON MAN's tall towers movie made in NYC. ~ ~ Which came out in movie theaters during the climactic hight of his 60 MINUTES rise to fame in 1976. ~ ~ Back during the pre Internet period when a dirty crooked Democrat in today's White House could be using a dead man's Social Security number and the network news shows would be doing everything in their power to bury the story. ~ ~ On a related note; that blue 14k Hebrew diamond just sold for 57 big ones in high shift Switzerland for Picasso's royal sire blue boy masterpiece that sold for $1-4 m. ~ ~ It happening on the eve of this weekend's most rarist of  blue moons. ~ ~ When Elizabeth Hurley's red Mars Rover time-line [FOX NEWS bimbo] prophecies in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN: The Movie comes into oppostion to the sun. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TAKE AWAY NOTES: Nothing new to see here. Obviously, based apon the above ground breaking news developments, Paul Allen gets to put up $57,000,000 per any movie that Woody Allen feels like making after the next three miserable years; give or take a few million. ~ ~ That is if he can get the casting. ~ ~ Let's not shit ourselves. ~ ~ I get half of the indie film budget's off shore private island bank money up front, simply because of the fact that I AM who I say that I AM, like at,,,15625141_303,00.jpg ~ ~
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