Sunday, May 15, 2016


Judi Dench plays a contemporaneous Hillary Clinton in SKYFALL. ~ ~ As the same woman who looks like her and was criminally derelict of duty concerning her top secret government communications on her personal computer. ~ ~ And at the end of it all, the brash blond hair guy takes her down with him. ~ ~ Per her last prophetic question mark words in the 2012 movie, when she too was at the end of her term as the CIA's Secretary of State; "... it's too late to make a run for it?" to the White House in the year 'M16' ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH: That tourist bus' head on collision with a great white shark similitude in I-95's Or/lando, Florida was about your new animal farm venture in western England's famous dairy cow country. ~ ~ Hell, I like a nice thick slice of sharp English Cheddar cheese for desert just as much as the next guy. ~ ~ PS TERI KORNBLUM RUTHERFORD: When I was living in the college student studio apartment basement for free at the Schultz's house in Seattle's U-District, and I could hear Paul Nestor's yuuuge 9" cock loudly fucking you in the mouth upstairs. ~ ~ I didn't know at the time that it explains at how your bother is supposed to take care of your wives, in everyway, if you prematurely die. ~ ~ In order that they will not be tempted to go out and seek after strange flesh. ~ ~ So now I beg you, please forgive me. ~ ~ Ignorance is no excuse before the law, yada yada. ~ ~

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