Saturday, May 21, 2016


Apparently the term "Push it!" in craps means that you want to double down on it in VEGAS VACATION: 4, 1996. ~ ~ Could be true; since Rusty dumped his crazy 3rd wife because all she ever wanted to do was fly out to Vegas on his private G6 and play the crap tables. ~ ~ Per the above sequel's two witnesses leaky Hoover Dam themes. ~ ~ Wherein Rusty tried to use a fake negro Obama ID that he bought on the street for a Hamilton. ~ ~ And when that didn't work out. He got another fraudulent document ID card from [Sheriff Joe's] Arizona. ~ ~ Which didn't fool anyone of course; especially that short little baldheaded Jew with the Irish surname at the blackjack tables. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 007 NOTES: This morning at 12:36 am, Michael simply said to me, "007". ~ ~ Which probably had something to do with my two number 7 wives with a capital OH!! in front of them. ~ ~ Whatever, I'll look through my tall stack of vintage 007 James Bond DVDs later tonight and see if there is something more to it. ~ ~ You know how much I hate to miss out on anything, and leave any money lying on the table, yada, yada. ~ ~

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