Saturday, May 7, 2016


Now we know why polite society's tired old men who still dominate the more moderate and weak backbone of the Mormon, Utah Republican Party church in the CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy are so opposed to someone like Donald Trump. ~ ~ Obviously, that tall blond white man who is riding high in the saddle right now, is your typical fundamentalist mormon [HBO BIG LOVE] hardware store small business owner guy who likes 'em really young and two at a time. ~ ~ Pretty hard to argue with that; at least from a Biblical Old Testiment point of view. See how much she likes me too, at:  ~ ~ "In the last days, the saints will be no different than the Protestants." Brigham Young, the founding father of BYU. ~ ~ And with this new understanding in my mind,  I waded through the first half of 1975's JAWS; made to order on Martha's Vineyard Island. ~ ~ Wherein the Great White Donald Trump monster from the REV.13:1 sea eats that same fucking bitch named Laurence, who I married just days before in the 1974 made movie, and is then seen on the LOWRANCE shark finder.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN. ~ ~ HARDWARE NOTES: After Donald Trump becomes the President of Sodom and Egypt in 2016, all of the crude steel head hammers with wood handles, and the screw drivers too, are the only thing that will be availabke at your local TRUE VALUE store; made and sold in America. ~ ~ Yeah yeah, they will cost twice as much. ~ ~ Big fucking deal. ~ ~ The midnight cowboy talk show radio Republicans allowed a non US citizen, with a forged birth certificate and a stolen Social Security number, to become the Commander in Chief of America's armed forces in 2008-2016. ~ ~ So I'm sure that you can cough up a couple more bucks for a hose or a pipe wrench at your locally owned and operated independent party hardware store, like in BLUE VELVET, etc. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: See what happens to England when all of you overweight middleaged fags refuse to stand up and start acting like men?.. More John Wayne, less Lady Gaga. ~ ~ PS HILLARY CLINTON: Donald Trump is going to kill you with a simple minded single shot to the head and put you out of your dirty stinky, corrupted mother of whores mind misery with his metaphorical 30/30 WINCHESTER rifle in the political zombies prophecy called SEAN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ Sorry about the above run on sentencing, like at: ~ ~ Don't laugh. Even Donald Trump himself still thinks to this day that it was a crime that JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ Whereas the rest of us looked at it as God himself Providentially delivering us from some kind of never-seen-before strange new democratic form of third way fascism. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: Less Jewish Karl Marx, more Benito Mussolini Ephraimite. ~ ~

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