Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Hey Johnny, your gorgeous blond girlfriend already has one foot out the backdoor. ~ ~ Don't make it worse. ~ ~ Since after it's all over, a real woman still wants a real man. And not some 51 year-old dude who never grew up and who still loves to play his vintage T.G.I.F. rockin' roll guitar more than he loves Jesus and taking the family to church on Sundays. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I AM NOTES: Actually, that dude in the opening to JAWS is supposed to be Jim Morrison, who died in France, like at: ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: Your estranged son, who was metaphorically born in the ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy, still believes that he is speaking on behalf of my own two estranged sons; Sean and Andrew Hughes. ~ ~ Fortunately, this year Donald Trump is going to be elected as the next President of America. ~ ~ And that will take care of that. ~ ~

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