Monday, May 23, 2016


"The law is reason free from passion." says the blond Harvard law professor in LEGALLY BLOND, 2001. Right before she raps that foreign aid student Barack Obama on the head at 26:25 with her erasorhead pencil. ~ ~ Later, she gives a lecture on the legal evidentiary pitfalls of "hearsay"; regarding Barry being born in Hawaii, contrary to all the evidence, like at: ~ ~ As confirmed by the next cut to Elle Woods' dorm room that features a large REV.13 paradise beach poster of Hawaii on her wall next to an 'H' pendant. ~ ~ While she hits her exercise machine wearing a queer-as-orange top. ~ ~ And in the end, Boston's native son Matt Damon looks pretty bummed out during her graduation speech, after she says, "...first impressions are not always correct." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOUTHERN WHITE JURY NOTES: In the Kingdom of God, an Israelite cannot be tried before a jury of gentiles. ~ ~ "Learn it, love it, live it..." Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Political austerity is sanity. ~ ~ Fiscal stimulation fornication is temporary insanity. ~ ~ Kind of like grown men who wear makeup and women's dresses being allowed to share the same toilet with little virgin boys.

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