Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The reason why I never go into the Jewish owned and operated FACEBOOK or COSTCO is because you have to show them MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO type personal ID number in order to get into their exclusive new order click for little pricks. ~ ~ Come on!!... Could you imagine not even being allowed to access DRUDGE, or buy anything at STARBUCKS, if you didn't even have a private Nazi type password account with them? ~ ~ Weird. ~ ~ Which is why annonomous anticommunist midnight AM radio rerun shows are still so popular with christian white men who hold paranoid conspiracy theories about the 666 mark of the beast's mandatory ID civilization of the future in REV.13. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WEIRD AS ORANGE NOTES: That inferno on the Seal Beach Pier in Orange County started at the bait shop. In confirmation of cousin Eddy always asking where the bait shop was on the two witnesses' Hoover Dam in VEGAS VACATION:4. Which opens with Sparky dropping a tall Jewish Lincoln $5 bill into an up front slot machine and winning two fake Jew gold coins. While making his way up to their 10th floor double hotel rooms situation. ~ ~ PS MATT: A 29ish looking Jennifer Aniston look alike walked up to the SPRINT smart phone [GSR/TWN email] shop located nextdoor to STARBUCKS in Bonney Lake, Washington, Tuesday morning; looking more fuckable than ever, maybe even better. ~ ~ KILL BILL 2 NOTES: Now that Trump has reminded us about Vince Foster's Arkansas type death; and the abomination of desolation himself is going to the G7 Japanese [AP:III] summit this week; it might be high time for me to finally see KILL BILL: VOLUME 2. ~ ~ Just thinking. ~ ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: Glad to see that you are finally coming around and starting to see things my way, like at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3607466/Bruce-Willis-61-looks-like-kid-candy-store-gets-close-bikini-babe-shooting-commercial-Miami.html ~ ~ All is well that ends well. ~ ~ Let me know if you want Ariana's phone number. ~ ~ That much I can do for you right now.

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