Saturday, May 14, 2016


The James Bond SKYFALL movie DVD that was stuffed down hard into the side of WALMART's $5 close-out bin hit me so fast that I just bought it. ~ ~ Noticing that the villain was a Spanish man with a blond hair die job. ~ ~ And just this morning, I had had yet another dreary dream about his Ken Keisler look alike figure in the Bay Area not being very frienly to Jesus Christ himself in the flesh on FACEBOOK. ~ ~ And now that 'IMD14U' thinks about it. ~ ~ This is the one where the blond man forerunner in SHAMPOO blows up the elite Republican Party establishment with his past history of having a good time at the PLAYBOY mansion for rich Jewish pre-middle-aged men in LA. ~ ~ Seriously. ~ ~ Can anyone even image Dr.Evil ever hanging out there and trying to blend in with that 1980s [EATING ROUAL] crowd and having a good time? ~ ~ Not gonna happen. ~ ~ Paul Allen maybe, wearing thick black rim glasses; but not the skinny bald guy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BAY AREA NOTES: San Francisco's Bay Area is where all of today's computer giants with the carnal minded mystery meat law school degree values of Stanford's Steven Hughes [er all] live in A VIEW TO A KILL, 1985. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. Back in the day when I was fucking Laurence, and then he pushed me aside and started fucking her too; we were basically the same two left/right upstairs/downstairs guys in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ ~  GAGA NOTES: Lady Gaga's wig in POKER FACE is basically the same color as George Washington's wig, some 250 years later. When the man in the White House of Sodom and Egypt would be a homosexual, circa REV.9. Which describes the men there as having the hair of a transgender woman. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: I get to fuck your 29ish exwife only if you get to fuck my own 29ish looking exwife; fair is fair, all is well that ends well. ~ ~ Hence, that prom dance limo full of today's hot young bitches went up in flames in Natick, Mass, at: ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. There is nothing wrong per se with a middleaged man fucking two hot wet virgin teenagers at a time in the back of a limo. ~ ~ PS GISELE BUNCHEN: I know that you still love and adore Tom; and his bastard son too; and I still love Ornella Fresh's 29ish looking sister too; so let's make a deal. ~ ~ You get to be fucked and sucked by whoever you want. I get to be fucked and sucked by whoever I want.  ~ ~ That is after Donald Trump becomes elected as the next PENTHOUSE magazine era President of America in 1985 meets 2016 of course... Let's not get ahead of ourselves. ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Every time that I start to forget about you, Jesus reminds me to remember you. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~

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