Sunday, May 8, 2016


Oh yeah. ~ ~ Donald Trump supports spring water torturing our internal double agent enemies at the NYT until they confess to their involvement with Barack Obama, er all. ~ ~ Talk about having court side NBA season tickets for San Francisco' s WARRIORS at the ORACLE arena in Oakland, California. ~ ~ Who usually can globber just about any other NBA team out there like the HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS do every other night at your local Flint, Michigan size arena. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHARK NOTES: The 25' Great White in the JAWS prophecy is described as a "rogue" with territorial [nationalistic] instincts. ~ ~ TWIST AND SHOUT NOTES: There were 4 twisters in Obama's eastern Coloredado Saturday; near Rt.59 and the headwaters of the North Fork Republican River, yada yada. ~ ~ IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA: This classic REV.13:1 sfi fi horror movie prophecy takes place in the Gay Area, via Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and features the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim with flames coming out of their mouths, at: ~ ~ FRIENDLY FASCISM NOTES: In the JAWS movie that was made on Martha's Vineyard in 1974, the fictitious name of the Amity Island location means 'friendly island'. ~ ~ Ergo, the upper middle class tourist ratio on the fantasy island for golfers in summer time is surprisingly about 50/50 Democrat/Republican. ~ ~ WWIII NOTES: That steel cylinder tank that explodes in the big mouth of the Great White shark in JAWS represents those two torpedo's that sank the USS INDIANAPOLIS in 12 minutes. ~ ~ Contrary to the popular passivist anti-war conspiracy theories on the left; there simply was no time or presence of mind to issue a radio call for help. ~ ~ In the real world of the BM, the more civilized Israelitish white guys of the western world are supposed to kill the more savage and wild at heart people who have been cursed with a black skin. ~ ~ MONKEY BUSINESS NOTES: Every time that Hollywood's iconic [tall bald middle aged] Mr. Meathead Jew fuck says that Donald Trump's supporters are just a gang of stupid white racists, the more often it becomes acceptable to them as just another normal alternative point of view among mainstream America. ~ ~ Which is certainly not something that they would agree with, but they would certainlly not a have a problem living next door to it. ~ ~Hey, it's a new day for diversity. ~ ~

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