Monday, May 16, 2016


We see and hear Hillary Clinton's trademark cackle on her personal MI6 home server computer at 20:48 into SKYFALL 2012. ~ ~ Which had gone into preproduction in the same year that the abomination of desolation in MARCO 13 was elected; and she knew it. ~ ~ And then so many ordinary people started to have strange dreams and nightmares about it; that dozens of new blogs were created on the amazing new and improved 666 Internet, just to keep track of it all and take advantage of the situation. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SS: More Fellini and Lynch, less Kapra, Kenny Kemp, and Bruce Troxell. ~ ~ PS BECK: Less gay ass FACEBOOK, more gay ass Donald Trump. ~ ~ I understand, you gotta start somewhere. ~ ~ PS BARRY: White guys with legally issued National Guard government assault rifles are the answer to the wild jungle niggers with illegal unregistered hand guns in their pockets; not the other way around. ~ ~ When you take away the Nazi Jewish problem at the NYT in America, the murder rate in white England is about the same as the murder rate in white America and white Canada. ~ ~ PS WOODY: After your next two films, we start in with your Orson Welles Saturday matinee series; that starts out with me looking like him in TOUCH OF EVIL; and ends with me and you looking like each other in THE THIRD MAN meets CASINO ROYALE. ~ ~ There is a reason why your father lived to be 100 down in Miami, Florida.

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