Sunday, May 22, 2016


VEGAS VACATION: 4 opens at 4:22 Chicago time. Because in the 1996/1260 days period movie, the number 22 busts the nigger's number 21 in blackjack. ~ ~ Which is why the blond Elle Wood look alike sings "Yay!! It's springtime!!" for Hitler er all at about 39:40. ~ ~ Right before the 2016 volcano eruption in Hawaii. ~ ~ As just confirmed by Israel's liberal back-stabbing Jew "Defence Minister" resigning because BiBi and the boys were starting to get a bit too rough with their guns on those crazy back-stabbing Arab camel fuckers in the LAWRENCE OF ARABIA prophecy, at: . ~ ~ And then all of those marathon man back-stabbing Jew fucks at the NYT immediately came out to his defense; complete with a very sinister looking Nazi propaganda photo of BiBi. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO IF BY SEA NOTES: A male and a female horse died at the PREAKNESS on Saturday. For the male and the female who died on Hillary's Mt. Everest namesake peak on Saturday. What goes around comes around. ~ ~ LEGAL NOTES: LB:2 was so awfull, that I'm temped to see why all of the more respected and serious critics thought so highly of the first one. ~ ~ I never saw both of them before. ~ ~ But I would guess that the first one in 2001 was about one of my sexy blond wives from Hollywood following me back to school in Provo, Utah, circa 1986, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~

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