Friday, May 20, 2016


VEGAS VACATION: 4 becomes about Donald Trump following up the mulatto abomination of desolation in the Chicago opening where Mr. Sparky serves the family negro chocolate chip cookies with stale 8 year-old milk packs. ~ ~ Then they all fly out to the desert pyramids in Las Vegas, Egypt on a jet airplane that has shared transgender bathroom stalls for grown men and little boys. ~ ~ And arrive at a fancy delux TRUMP casino/hotel that has a live shark tank at the checkout. ~ ~ The movie's twist on economic fornication happens when a brunet Wayne Newton look alike appears in the role of Donald Trump; complete with his routine birdie tweets at about 38:00 minutes. ~ ~ Which immediately cuts to a violent volcano eruption in the native Hawaiian Islands of Barack Obama; where he was not born. ~ ~ Meanwhile, all of the 1996 made movie's talking Mr. Ed themes were confirmed by the passing of Mr. Ed's co-star at 96. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE MOON WATCHERS NOTES: Here is some background on Saturday' rare blue moon, at: ~ ~ TRUMP NOTES: Here is a nice transfiguration shot of a much younger Jewish Donald Trump with dark hair, standing next to his tall blond Mrs. Howard Stern look alike wife, at: ~

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