Sunday, May 8, 2016


"...he's either very smart, or he's really dumb." Says the Irish captain after he first gets his hooks into the great white Donald Trump similitude in JAWS, 2016. ~ ~ Where have I heard that one before? ~ ~ Also note the .50 caliber single shot African 'elephant gun' used by the ORCA captain to wear down and fetter the great shark with a 1,2,3, series of inflated Indian type seal skin barrels. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FACEBOOK NOTES: I got a look for the first time since May of 1988 at the two faces of my stranger sons on this year's Mothers Day. ~ ~ Dudes, let me know if things don't work out and you nead to "borrow" a little money from Papa; a.k.a. Ernest Hemingway; a.k.a. Orson Welles; a.k.a. Count Dracula. ~ ~ But never tell your selfish Jewish Princess, Branch Dravidian, Holy Grail, French Mother Mary of Jesus about it; or she will want a part of it. ~ ~ Yeah I know, "Money can't buy me love." But it sure as hell can buy me a good deal of friendship. ~ ~ According to the end times' EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES prophecy in the Three Sisters area of Bend, Oregon. ~ ~ By the way. Your tough-as-nails cold-hearted 89 year-old Scotish, Swiss German, Dutch Jewish grandmother, whose own mother was from Missouri, sends her love. ~ ~ I also got a long-time-no-see look at my 47ish cousin Julie Relf Lynch in a bikini. ~ ~ "God damn it!! I'd hit that in a New York minute!!" WEDDING CRASHERS. ~ ~

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