Thursday, May 5, 2016


Yesterday at WALMART, I picked up INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE and JAWS. ~ ~ Not knowing that on the same day that that Jewish 666 museum in DC would be honoring some mean looking bull dog negro, with a Jewish surname, who sports a bald Mussolini skull look that actually looks like a German Nazi WWII helmet at: ~ ~ THANK YOU JESUS!! ~ ~ Think I'll have a second one. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHATEVER WORKS NOTES: Earlier this morning at 3:45 am, I had a flash vision of a huge banner hanging on the front of Bonney Lake's WALMART store that said, "...SPACE AVAILABLE FOR LEASE" ~ ~ PS TED CRUZ: Donald Trump's musings about your father being behind the assassination of JFK junior in Dallas, Texas was sheer inspiration from God. ~ ~ Now let's follow up with it and strike while the iron is hot. ~ ~ There probably are about as many 40% Germanic high shift Hebrews per square mile in the Austin, Texas metro area as there are in the New York metro area. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: If the crazy idea of making your next to last movie in Marigold, India just sounds too risky, how about shooting it in Austin? ~ ~ Seattle, Washington would be a better choice of course. But that might be a bit too obvious. ~ ~ Just a thought; Paul Allen would probably double whatever Dr.Evil is offering next. ~ ~ Go ahead, throw it out there, see what happens. ~ ~ In the end, capitalism always trumps socialism. ~ ~ Most people love money and like to have a good time; way more than they love politics and government. ~ ~ NEXT TO LAST NOTES: In the third INDIANA movie, the two knights templars of the physical transfiguration's blood cleansing rituals live for another 150 years. ~ ~ Have I been selling myself too short these past few years? ~ ~ Maybe leaving a bit too much money on the table, because I was too anxious to close the deal? ~ ~ "Passion is the enemy of precision." ZERO EFFECT. ~ ~

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