Sunday, May 29, 2016


Those under educated online pop culture editors at the NYT and FACEBOOK don't know jack about fascism; not to mention THE NEW YORKER. ~ ~ So don't trust a word that they say about Donald Trump. ~ ~ Or for that matter, Barack Obama's fraudulent birth certificate and stolen SS number. ~ ~ Or as Camille Paglia would say; none of them have ever studied Hitler's original writings; much less Sheriff Joe's indisputable reports about Obama's computer generated documents on the White House web site. ~ ~ Therefore, a man was rescued off Allen Springs Rd. in Arizona after being trapped inside of his crashed maroon 4x4 for 3 1/2 days. ~ ~ Which is located due west of Dead Horse Ranch State Park. ~ ~ Get the picture? ~ ~ "It's maroon!..." says the school girl, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Call me when you get tired of your life and you want something better to live for, like at: ~ ~ Money can't buy you happiness. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: In your special extreme case, money could actually buy you a small degree of more happiness. Maybe not total happiness; but certainly a little bit more happiness than you have now. ~ ~ Depending of course on how much of your money that you are willing to give me with no strings attached. ~ ~ Think of me as the traditional Catholic Pope in SPECTRE 2015 who was the Mr. Sunshine Pope in ROMA [the 1973 movie] for exactly 1260 years. Who had the power from on high to obsolve you of all of your filthy dirty homosexual sins; if the money is right. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: Time is money. Have your people call my people if and when you need a rate quote. ~ ~

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