Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The reason why Donald Trump will become the next President of America is because the anti American athiest Communist Jews need to start voting for the pro American straight white Christian guys; and not some bitter old church lady lesbian, or some strange looking half Jewish negro [golf club] guy on the down low. ~ ~ It should be obvious by now.  ~ ~ There could never have been another tall white Jewish Reagan Democrat midnight cowboy actor, with died hair, riding high in the white horse's saddle from Hollywood in DC; if there had not been an abomination of desolation in DAN: 9-11. ~ ~ "Just show me where it hurts baby." the older tan job guy in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MARK LEVIN: You start listening to the birthers' legit fact checked grievances. Then maybe Donald Trump will start to listen to your legitimate grievances. What goes around comes around. ~ ~ You shut me out, I shut you out. ~ ~ Talk to the hand, and all that shit. ~ ~ PS TED CRUZ: When you become the first historic President For Life of the born again Christian [lone star] Republic of Texas, just the elimination of the born again 666 taxation, 666 regulation, and 666 civil rights litigation from Washington, DC will guarantee that every college grad in your new born country will have his or her pick of the best jobs in the world. ~ ~ And the best part is, they won't need or even want, "no stinking term limits" laws. ~ ~ I'm thinking Glenn Beck as your VP pick. ~ ~ Heck, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a white guy on the ticket in Texas. ~ ~

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