Saturday, June 18, 2016


The abomination of desolation will be visiting the Mt. Starr King wilderness area in California on Fathers [Flanagan] Day; due west of the DEVILS POSTPILE NATIONAL MONUMENT prophecy. ~ Ergo, that sudden wildfire threatening the Eagle Canyon area off of HWY.101 in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ Where we see that iconic JAWS movie poster rock rising up from the REV.13 ocean at exactly 1:28:13 on my DVD copy. ~ Which also looks like the state of Michigan on my special Scottish edition [1994] RAND McNALLY mapbook of Judha and Ephraim. ~ In a word, if Paul Allen doesn't want it, I'll give it to someone else. ~ Even if I have to replace Justin Theroux in the lead with Brad Pitt in order to get the money. ~ "You can get whatever you want when you drag a [$100,000,000] bill through a trailor park in Arkansas." James Carville; a.k.a. serpent head. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BALD MTN. NOTES: Also located in the scenic Rt.120 park area is Hells Mtn. Wheeler Peak, Crown Point, and Mitt Romney's [Joseph] Smith Peak. ~ PS MITT: More Joseph Smith, less Gordon B Hinckley and Spencer W Kim/ball. ~ Ge it? ~ In other words, more cold and hot and controversial Donald Trump; less warm and fuzzy and non controversial luke warm George W Bush. ~ HAIL, CAESAR POST PRODUCTION NOTES: That is a Paul Nestor photographer person in the movie's opening sequence. ~ Who is taking private French postcard pictures of one of my blond A-list Hollywood wives with a Bonney Lake, Washington Mount Rainer vista on the backdrop. ~ And then years later, the pix get hacked and are shown for everyone to see on the www 666 Internet. ~ PS PAUL NESTOR: By now you certainly have proven to me that you have the kind of rare talent that it takes to handle a full length feature film on video. ~ ~ Maybe I can start you out on one of my lower budgeted union scale pay projects. And let's see if you also have the talent to show up in time every day on set.

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