Sunday, June 19, 2016


Anton Yelchin's nice car slipped into neutral and then slowly backslided down the driveway and pinned him againist his mason brick US Federal mailbox because he looks like a physically transfigured version of Daniel Day Lewis and that guy who is still fucking my French Catholic schoolgirl wife upstairs at: ~ Since James Car/ville is such a backslider too when it comes to communism and homosexuality. ~ Obviously, most people don't give a shit about anything anymore, just as long as they have a sweet ass ride and a couple extra million in the bank. ~ Oh yeah, there is definitely an automobile angle when it comes to global climate change. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Oh ye of little faith. ~ Reportedly, you have begun asking for large donations to counter Hillary Clinton's upcoming measly little pathetic $41,000,000 advertising blitz against you. ~ While I AM myself is on the very verge of granting you over a gazillion bazillion dollars in free prime time publicity. ~ "A million dollars is not that much money anymore..." No.2 in AP:II. ~ PS ANDREW AND SEAN: As your mysterious father who was always lurking behind the dark shadows in Seattle in all of those 1970s era STAR WARS movies, back when your royal Princess mother was still letting me fuck her in Utah; you both are entitled to an inheritance that is worthy of me. ~ HAIL, CAESAR NOTES: The last piece of that Old Faithful Yellowstone gusher puzzle that does not fit in at the end is Barack Obama. ~ Who is not even a US citizen for g-d's sake. ~ And who has been touring the federal parks system this week on their 100th unconstitutional land grab [Teddy Roosevelt] cowboy anniversary. ~ "The federalized national parks system is one of the best things about America." Michael Medved. "The Jews did not kill Jesus!" Michael Medved. ~ "The lost tribes of Israel legends are complete nonsence." Michael Medved. ~ "President Obama was obviously born in Hawaii." Michael Medved.

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