Saturday, June 25, 2016


The betters in London really took it in their CALVIN KLEIN shorts on Thursday the 23rd. ~ I wonder what their odds are right now on Donald Trump? ~ Hell, even an even-odds 50/50 bet would double your money. ~ Because on the same day I started watching that full moon werewolf movie made down in Clinton, LA in 1972, two sheriff deputies were shot near Luna, LA. ~ And when I finished it off on Thursday, a sheriff's deputy was shot three [woes] times down south of Crown Point, LA. ~ Just like in the above Daniel Day Lewis look alike white horse prophecy movie. ~ Where they shot that 1970s black-exploitation movie ending with the crazy sheriff in the LIVE AND LET DIE James Bond 007 prophecy about a mulatto [black magic voodoo] man riding up to the White House plantation in DC. ~ Which featured all of those prophetic trump cards that could tell the future at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ SODOMITE NOTES: The usual surrealistic and late Roman empire period [Fellini fascism] parade march for the prideful and unrepentant in-step sodomites in REV.9 will happen in Memphis, Egypt, USA on the same day of the BET awards in LA at street number 777. ~ Because MLK JR was shot in his stiff neck by a blond white man's [Brexit] WINCHESTER pub .30 deer rifle at the French named LORAIN MOTEL during a garbage men strike. ~ You discriminate against me, because I AM is white, I discriminate against you, because you are black; yada yada. "...the beat goes on..." SONY AND CHER. ~ You don't take the Bible seriously, I send some stupid white guy with a gun to your stupid lard ass Bible study classes. ~ Take for example that rather short Jesus freak tattoos guy Justin Beiber. ~ Who just got himself a "high ankle sprain" while playing [little guy] wanna be tall negro basketball. ~ In confirmation of the 'legal fiction' that all of the Hollywood movie stars use who support President Obama's officially notarized fake birth certificate fiction in HAIL, CAESAR! at: ~

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