Friday, June 24, 2016


Joseph Smith said that the banks in England and Canada will remain solvent even after all of the world's major banks start to fail in the last days. ~ Thank g-d that they are now no longer attached at the hip to the financially doomed EU. ~ According to the roughly 50/50 London based ten VIRGIN AIRLINES [frugal budget fliers] vote that forced the polite society PM at 10 Downing Street to invoke the Artical 50/50 clause in the Lisbon Treaty. ~ Oh yeah, something very strange is happening across the Atlantic in the 50/50 states. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SMASH MOUTH NOTES: That backsliding STAR WARS actor from Russia got his fag filled lungs smashed by his own GRAND CHEROKEE in confirmation of the "Broadway smash" being made into a movie by the homogaysexual English director [of Judah and Ephraim] named Laurence Laurenze in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ BET YOUR FAT ASS: I would bet dollars to donuts that there will be some kind of a signs and wonders jackpot at this Sunday's BET show at street number 777 in LA. ~ Given that Trump is going to win really really big time this year. ~ TRUMPET NOTES: Donald Trump's prophetic mormon temple top trumpet is featured on all of those Louisiana jazz quarter coins, at: ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: Relax dude, you're a 6'4" tall comedian for God's sake. ~ So you get cut in half by a Texas chainsaw and then your remains get cremated into ashes by the two witnesses' flame throwers in LEP:3 LAS VEGAS meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ Heck, even the casino's owner-operater Donald Trump figure gets electrocuted to death in the little nigger leprechaun guy movie. ~ "Actually, that's not a metaphor; it's a similitude..." to paraphrase Chevy Chase in CADDYSHACK. ~

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