Saturday, October 26, 2013


1958's TOUCH OF EVIL prophecy was made just for me. Therefore, we will shoot the new born again sequel-remake just across the border in Bellingham, Washington; not San Diego, California. ~ ~ Where the young underaged hippie chicks are as hot as hell, and their mothers are too, at: . ~ ~ Played by the double Oscar Award winning actress Hilary Swank, etc. ~ ~ Note the above movie poster's physical transfiguration depiction of yours truly; who plays both the lead roles in the future indie film. ~ ~ Per the above prophetic wiki leaks link, where we see a younger version of the now older looking Kate Hudson. In order to close the blood-cleansing gap between my 39ish image in the 1958 movie. ~ ~ [Welles was 43 in 58.]~ ~ Back in the day, Hollywood had no problem with handsome middle-aged men fucking two women at a time in their early 20s and 30s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SCRIPT NOTES: I see the TOUCH OF EVIL remake-sequel coming to a climax at the Point [Julia] Roberts, Washington cutoff penis landmark. Where basically there is no border line anymore to speak of. And the fresh caught crab meat salad bowl 2-4-1 specials are everywhere, including the bland watered down drinks.

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