Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Basically, SMOKIN' ACES is a Lake Tahoe Godfather prophecy about when the FBI would betray America; by not arresting Barack Obama. ~ ~ Who everybody knows is not even a US citizen. ~ ~ You dance with the cursed dark skin devils in the Book of Mormon, you get what you deserve, in spades. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: For my October 29 birthday, Jesus gave me a really nice lucid dream about Kate Holmes sucking on my cock. While I noticed that Steven Fresh was watching us in the background. Who was the one who first introduced me to the joys of driving a 1972 VELOCE in 3rd gear. ~ ~ 1290 DAYS NOTES: My trusty sidekick Barack Obama is right of course. The mormon icon Mitt Romney is not that much different from him. And there are a lot of return RLDS missionaries who now work for the FBI; because of their bisexual bilingual skills. Plus they have that certain short haircut.

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