Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This photographic reference to the late 22 year-old Paris Walkup means that Miley Cyrus would be perfect casting in my LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake. Where a few years later we meet again in Idaho. But this time I fuck her in the mouth, not in the butt. Per: ~ ~ And she likes it. And I like it too. ~ ~ Which is the providential reason why I ever fell in love with a Holy Grail French girl in the first place. Plus, Miley kind of looks like a native Indian descendent of the lost tribes of Israel. [Imagine that hot little pregnant Indian babe sucking off Lewis and Clarke, and you're half way there already.] ~ ~ Which is what the LAST TANGO IN PARIS sequel-remake would have to be about anyway. If it was to be any good anyway as some kind of an Ernest Hemingway book adaptation thing. ~ ~ Who died in 61 in Sun Valley when he was about my same age, and looked a lot like my bio-pic character in THE LIFE AQUATIC meets a 29ish Orson Welles in IT'S ALL TRUE in Rio, Brazil. ~ ~ Think Jim Carrey is just kidding arround when he puts a pretend index finger gun in his mouth and shoots himself in ACE II. ~ ~ "I'm not the sociopath that you think I AM." [DEATHTRAP] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MULTI-PICTURE DEAL NOTES: I get to make any three movies that I want to in my first 5/5/5 million dollar deal contract. Each project payable in cash money up front. No questions asked. No contract really, Bill Murray Chicago style. And you get to pay double for the young women involved. Who I get to double fuck all I want, when I want; within reason of course. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: My ex-wife was fucking a Steven Hughes look alike behind my back in her low-rent Paris walk-up hotel in the 1971ish LAST TANGO IN PARIS prophecy. Who was some strange obsessed dude who was always clipping out newspaper articles, circa 1993. Therefore the 21 years half hour of silence in heaven in REV.8 is the special 1260 days set-up period from 1993 to 2014. ~ ~ SNEAK PEEK NOTE: I do have a movie in mind that co-stars my all time favorite stand-in half Jew mother fucker liar figure, Jon Lovitz. Just as long as he would agree to appear buck naked in the picture as my half brother who I always have to drag along with me in my next Greek Islands fuck boat picture. ~ ~ Because the tax-free money is just that good. And he gets to co-write the sleazy hard R-17 screenplay anyway. That will make him look good too. Hey, spread the love, keep it in the family, yada yada. Along with the film's all female charter boat crew from Bari, Italia, like at:

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