Thursday, October 17, 2013


After posting that the US government is going to have to cut spending by 7%, just to stay afloat a little longer, Jesus informed me a few hours later that the number is actually 8%. ~ ~ Hence, that powerful 6.8 earthquake under the Solomon Sea on the 1290 days anniversary of the Bill Clinton Branch Davidian, Texas chronology of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ One can see the satanic 10:31 Holloween time line at this link, which includes a look at the mountainous Iran style terrain under the REV.13:1 landmark that represents Iran. Whose name is a prophetic word play on 'I ran'. [Think Boston marathon, etc.] ~ ~ Egro, the day 1290 Switzerland highlands timeline for the Iran A-bomb talks with Obama's minions, at: ~ ~ When you are forced by Barack Obama to see the MLK JR dog shit in MARK 13:14, the pet detective shit will hit the fan. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HUSTLER NOTES: Looks like Larry was a Larry Sinclair whistleblower forerunner here at: ~ ~ MORE HALF JEW NIGGER NOTES: Enough said, just look at the pictures, like at: ~ ~ The above golden FDR wheelchair [Democrat Party] mother fucker, who now looks like a bag of bones, is what I AM is talking about. ~ ~ Too bad that most of today's mainstream polite society Republican Party Christians like Paul Garrison and Ken Kemp are still too weak to see it. ~ ~ Maybe next year. ~ ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: Bob better pay for my suite at DEER VALLEY, Utah this winter; including air fare, limo service, room service, and a free pass to see any movie I want; or the girl gets it. ~ ~ By that, I mean that she gets it in the pussy, or in the mouth, or in the ass; however which three-way she wants it. And I pay for it all in that little snow bound cabin located just up the street about three blocks north of the EGYPTIAN THEATER. And I have to pay for our own bacon and eggs and hash browns and toast Denver omelet every morning; out of my own pocket. ~ ~ Just the image of me strolling down Main Street with Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson in my arms will be enough to destroy everything that you ever believed in, times half.

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