Sunday, October 13, 2013


Most of today's gays are a bunch of erotic-neurotic selfish minded petty bitches. No wonder Mr Trueman Capote was only attracted to married family men who looked like rock solid Republicans. ~ ~ What is so interesting about liberal men who are too weak and scared to stand up and take care of the family business anyway? ~ ~ What a cheap dime-a-dozen turn off. ~ ~ Which is why I watched 1996's RANSOM prophecy last night. In confirmation of the picture on the front page of Saturday's pussy-whipped SEATTLE TIMES. That featured the exact same bald kidnapper in the movie who is the computer expert innovator. Even the same one behind the movie's extortionists who grabbed the Republican's son at a new 666 science event for young inventors and innovators, like at: ~ ~ Because the Jews, queers, and niggers who have taken over America, are the real ones who are stealing our children's future. Not the ones who Ron Howard and Mel Gibson have been betting on for all these years; from both sides of the aisle. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LIFE AQUATIC NOTES: Esteban was eaten by a huge shark on October 12 in THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy. Hence that strong and long lasting 6.4 earthquake at 4:12 pm on 10.12 in the same seas where they shot the 2004 movie. ~ ~ FREQUENT FLIER NOTES: That is Sienna Miller herself at 42:25 on my DVD copy of RANSOM. She must have been around 15 at the time. ~ ~ FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES NOTES: That typical vagina tunnel shot of Sienna Miller in the above movie is an underground London thingy. ~ ~ Walking out of TARGET Sunday, I heard the checkout lady say, "...326..." ~ ~ BALD EAGLE NOTES: "You gotta be bald!.." if you want to pose like 'Professor X' in the RANSOM prophecy, starting at 8:24. ~ ~ RANSOM NOTES: Naomi Watts' boys are now being held hostage by her sleazy looking lying sack of shit Jewish actor lover. And no, he is not lying about sleeping around with some silly younger actress behind her back, or maybe fudging the "family" checkbook a little, for whatever reason. Rather, he is lying to her about the bigger Jesus Christ picture.

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