Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hopefully my NATURAL BORN KILLERS remake-sequel to THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets FAR WEST TAXI DRIVER will be directed by Guy Richie. God knows that I will only have enough time to come out of my Jewish gypsy travelers caravan to take a few shots at it every day; and then get back to business. ~ ~ Thank you Jesus for universal Internet access 666ism from anywhere, for now anyway. ~ ~ The original NATURAL BORN KILLERS was just made to be re-made in the near future on home video. Of course, one would have to sex it up a little, big deal. ~ ~ Think about how the first movie directed by Olive Stone had a Divinely inspired reference to the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart; who got her brains fucked out by some fundamentalist Mormon prophet of God weirdo. ~ ~ Works for me. ~ ~ Obviously, Chloe Moretz was born to play the above sexed up version of the virtuous innocent underaged Ms Smart sucking on my cock with a gun to her head, like at: ~ ~ Remember, JFK was shot on 11.22 in the back of the head, DEATH TRAP style. Just like Abraham Lincoln at the Harrison Ford forerunner theater in DC. ~ ~ Break a leg. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG BROWN TURD NOTES: There will never again be a Negro homosexual president of the United States; not in a thousand years. And not just because he is not a citizen of the United States. No matter how many of today's simple minded talk show hosts like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin try to ignore and stonewall the obvious Bible scripture differences between the lost Israelites and the dark skinned Gentiles.

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