Friday, October 25, 2013


Bob's new SAILOR DOG sailboat movie is using physical transfiguration elements in it's opening day NYT ads for his new THE WEIGHT OF WATER movie about me fucking Elizabeth Hurley. Works for me. And I'm quite sure that it works for her. Because I'd still take the aging looker out anytime on my 91' Greek Islands yacht with a couple of my hot teenager wives; just for the shucks and fucks. ~ ~ Think Courtney Cox meets Courtney Love meets Jennifer Anistion; and all four of us have a really great time. Because all those topless underaged teenagers running around up on the deck above our cabins make us all feel so young again. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1290 NOTES: There is a Providential reason why the female head of Obamacare sounds like Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ KILLER CONFIRMATION: This report is why my anti-hero in NATURAL BORN KILLERS killed that rattle snake loving Indian in the movie, who had that iPAD framed LBJ letter hanging on his dirty mud hut log cabin wall, at; ~ You hated and you murdered and you raped the innocent women and children of the white Nephites in the BOOK OF MORMON like a bunch of savage animals; now you know your fate. Same thing goes for all those white mormon jackass nigger lovers who graduated from Harvard in SLC, UT. ~ ~ In the 2002 BUBBA HO-TEP East Texas prophecy, that born again resurrected shady alien mummy from old Sodom and Egypt needs the support of today's old dying FDR asshole BAG OF BONES types in order to stay alive politically. ~ ~ That 24ish cut throat 666 math teacher who was murdered by an Obama man child figure looked a lot like one of those big ass nigger fucking Car Dash Board sisters, at: ~ ~ MONEY PROBLEMS: The economic policy problem with the underachieving governments of Paris, London, and Rome, is that the money is not right. ~ ~ JB NOTES: The reason why J&B is Elizabeth Hurley's favorite glass of bland and watered-down Flirty Fucking Scotch, is because both her and her are about to break up with their dumb and dumber two lady friends. ~ ~ Delusional bipolar schitzo notes. The mellow yellow taxi cab driver in TAXI DRIVER: II is the Green River killer himself; duh... I would never do the picture if Martin Scorsese was not directing, even if the money was right.

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