Friday, October 4, 2013


That crazy car dental assistant named after Jim Car/rey was meant to symbolize that female Russian dentist from Orange County, California; who everyone in the crazy DC beltway has been saying is crazy for about four years now. You lie, you die, plain and simple. ~ ~ For example; some old bag of bones from Hwy.64's Mocksville, NC burns to death in the latest apostate Negro Baptist Church bus crash. ~ ~ Ergo, you mock the word of God in the Book of Mormon, you are a goner. Just like the leaders of today's Mormon church. Who are also mocking the Word of God in the 66 book Bible. ~ ~ Birds of a feather flock together. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RLDS CONFERENCE WEEKEND SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL NOTES: It has been exactly 23 years since my first born again vision on the October conference weekend in 1990. Wherein I saw Gisele Bundchen and her son rising up from the grave in EZE.37; at the intersection of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE's 52nd N.E. and 17th boulevard. Therefore; Miley did that rap video in a '23' sports jersey; those old bag of bones FDR church people died at the 423 mile marker in Miley's civil war state of the Tenn/essee Virgins prophecy in the Bible Belt, and so forth. ~ ~ CHURCH LADY GOSSIP NOTES: Checking the NYT ads Thursday at the 211th STARBUCKS, I'm almost certain that I overhead that Paul Garrison is going to be flying into SLC, UT on Saturday for the first time ever. As some kind of a Providential reference to that retired German pilot who is now one of the three 666 substitute home teacher leaders of the Mormon Bible church. ~ ~ ALASKA's Captain Garrison is a tall 6'3" northern Germanic Norwegian lost tribes of Israel figure; whose native face is featured on the tail fins of every one of their aircraft; based in Chief Seattle's Sea-Tac, Washington. Talk about when nature calls. ~ ~ HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO NOTES: If you prefer to get fucked really softly and slowly and quietly, while your kids are sleeping right next to you in the same room, see what I mean at; ~ ~ Virtue has it's own rewards. Just don't wake up the kids.

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