Friday, October 11, 2013


Don't be deceived. Some 24ish high society prep school math numbers teacher named Donovan just jumped off the desecrated George Washington Bridge on Friday; in confirmation of this prophetic [LOLITA] Donovan pedophile video at: ~ ~ Note THE LIFE AQUATIC theme banner in the link. ~ ~ Talk about the old 19666s HASTY TASTY era Donovan dying off and becoming replaced by the born again ONE in the form of yours truly. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NAME THAT NOTE: If you don't think that Donovan's swinging Baby Boomer parents named him after one of their favorite 1960s icons, you need to move over to the five foolish virgins column. See: ~ ~ Obviously, again, hate repeating myself so much; But my first and only choice for director of my own private LOLITA remake with Chloe Moretz absolutely has to be Gus van Sant. Otherwise, I wont do the picture. Because he has such an inspired light touch when it comes to making hard R movies that are really sexy and dirty. ~ ~ Gus' strict father was a top executive at Portland's JENSEN swimwear company, featured in the original LOLITA movie about Ms Moretz sucking on my cock, while wearing sunglasses, and all that. [Who was originally from Obama's Denver, if I remember right. Not sure, haven't been to either towns in years. Not to mention Salt Lake City; or even San Francisco.] ~ ~ "YOU'RE THE DIRECTOR" NOTES: A great director has a good ear. So I'm just saying. My own idea would be to shoot the LOLITA remake on a big double engine VOLVO cabin cruiser yacht that is tied up somewhere in San Marino; that looks exactly like Michael Savage's talk show radio boat. Of course you would have the usual cut away shots of us cruising around outside the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE; 1960s Donovan free-love orgy style. Hell, why not tie in my inspired biopic ideas about Janis Joplin in the picture and kill two birds with one [Oliver] stone? ~ ~ Fuck it man. Just do it for the money. I know that you have been thinking about that big 'FOR SALE' sailboat tied up in the Lake Union, Seattle brokerage listings anyway. [In my upper middle class mind fantasy, a 51' yacht is as big as anyone could ever want.] You let me get my freaky Friday Harbor sailor dog freak on, I let you get your sniffy butt freak on. ~ ~ Just keep your asking price for the two low budget indie fuck films under two million, each. Money doesn't grow on trees you know. ~ ~ MIND TRIP NOTES: My freakish mind reading lyrics in FLASH DANCE 1983 are at: ~ ~ TURN OFF NOTES: I don't listen to that much talk radio anymore because they are not telling us the full truth about Barack Obama; who is not even a citizen of the United States, and they know it. ~ ~ Therefore, I AM has now become the king of all media, left and right; I lead, you follow, or else.

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