Saturday, October 12, 2013


GROUND ZERO's Clyde Lewis is the reason why people better start paying more attention to politics. Because if you hate politics like he does, because you think that you are so smart and above it all; then you're gonna end up sounding just as crazy as he sounds. ~ ~ Who can sound like he is talking for 15 minutes at some LDS broadcast conference, and not say shit. ~ ~ Talk about there being " there, there." in the low budget made CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy. ~ ~ In other words, Barack Obama and Clyde the CAMEL JOE toe icon are basically the same two horses of a different color for a prophetic WIZARD OF OZ reference to Wizard Island, Crater Lake, Oregon. Which is illegally owned and operated by the federal government. Thank you Teddy Roosevelt, America's first idiotic anti capitalist populist progressive. ~ ~ Who was the gong ho Republican Party forerunner to Senator John McCain, et al. ~ ~ [Think Bruce Willis meets Obama and they both fall in love with the same things.] ~ ~ Kind of like Michael Savage and Mel Gibson are actually the same two persons; stranded on the same remote South Seas island; searching for the 666 fountain of youth. ~ ~ Ergo they say that they are now shooting DUMB AND DUMBER TO, somewhere down around MLK's Atlantis, Georgia Bible Belt landmark on your atlas road map featured in NATURAL BORN KILLERS: TWO. ~ ~ Speaking of the near future physical transfiguration, here is a great still shot of me and three of my wives, ranging from 16 to 56, at: ~ ~ AND: See this prophetic transfiguration image of my surprise hero, the original Mr. Ace Boner congressman from Ohio, complete with a light touch of makeup, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INVISIBLE ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Saturday's monster cyclone in India is about the beautiful flower extract from India that makes me THE INVISIBLE MAN. Symbolized in the classic 1933 born again FDR era movie by the beautiful REV.17 woman in the movie named Flora. ~ ~ NOW NOTES: It's finally time for me to screen Mel Gibson's Providentially produced RANSOM prophecy. Wherein Mel discovers that Roger Moore and him have been acting too much like Barack Obama's 666 black mailer niggers who are holding America hostage. ~ ~ Even though they are not actually that bad. ~ ~ Plus, I need Mel to send me a CHEMICAL BANK cashiers check for putting up with him, and Jerry Seinfeld too, and his half Jew 999 Hollywood mother fuckers too. ~ ~ You either pay me what you owe me, or I send in the juice man in CABLE GUY meets TAXI DRIVER.

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