Thursday, October 24, 2013


Mallory watches her REV.17 mother get burned alive in the NATURAL BORN KILLERS prophecy, because she never said anything about how much her daddy loved to fuck her in the mouth. Just for starters. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ Hey, the part was played by a funny Jew named Rod Dangerfield. What? Are you completely nuts? ~ ~ You don't say anything at all about that haff nigger in the White House who is not even a US citizen, and I'm the crazy sitcom tv character? ~ ~ [Tribal African music plays during the movie's upcoming race riots.] ~ ~ No wonder the film's liberal media figure with a crazy mother fucker Aussie accent gets it in the end. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KEY LIME PIE NOTES: The UU's English lit chair is named after the late Gordon B Hinckley. ~ ~ YOU NEVER SAID SHIT NOTES: Not only were you a weak closed-mouth Dr [Kenny] Kemp type coward, as portrayed in THE INVISIBLE MAN prophecy, but you never even secretly sent me that $10,000,000 check that Jim Carrey carried around in his thin wallet for all those ten plus years. ~ ~ REMAKE NOTES: Keira Knightley might be a more believable flat chested version of Mallory in my two week remake of NATURAL BORN KILLERS. Since she could probably play a more believable older wife to my 50ish Elvis Press-ly slayer in the hot three-way XXX sequel. Wherein we could always have a smiley face Miley in the picture anyway, who gets picked up and fucked and sucked in that Barack Obama LOG CABIN LODGE motel room. That ends up in a prison riot at the 666 Stateville prison in Illinois. Whatever, I personally guarantee that the money will be more than right for everyone involved in the picture. ~ ~ One of the things that I really like about my loyal haff Jew sidekick nigger in the Oval Office, is that he hates liberal Jews just as much as I do. And they don't have a clue why. ~ ~ The element of surprise always works in favor of the truth. ~ ~ SILENCE OF THE LAMBS NOTES: The corrupt third world's third wayers at the UN say nothing about Iran's love affair with the A-Bomb. Now comes DR STRANGELOVE OR: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB; circa 1964 meets 2013 meets 2014. For example, see the CASINO ROYALE meets SLEEPER dictator look alike Peter Sellers figure at; ~ ~ HALLOWEEN SEASON PARTY NOTES: Now is the right time to review that amazing TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 prophecy. ~ ~ And if the Venice Beach, California party goes on all night, put in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW too; nothing like fucking two at a time. ~ ~ DRUG ZONE NOTES: The Holy Bible's homosexual cure to the snakebite poison in NATURAL BORN KILLERS is the juice of Jesus. When he shoves his long hard Israeli made .50 EAGLE cock pistol so far down into your throat, that you love to shut the fuck up and just be happy with swallowing everything that I say. ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Last night I dreamed that some dime-millionaire Seattle theater producer told me that he didn't have anything in mind for you this October. So now the girl gets it of course. ~ ~ I'm thinking SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE: II meets BIG LOVE, THE MOVIE; and Tom Hanks himself makes sure that the money is right for everybody involved. ~ ~ Possibly because his loving bored wife told him to do it, if he wants it.

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