Tuesday, October 8, 2013


FLASHDANCE's number about all those old movies that are blowing away my wives on their old TV sets features the classic INVISIBLE MAN prophecy that begins in a winter storm; "...pray that your flight not be in winter..." etc. ~ ~ Ergo, there was a surprise historic funeral march in Jerusalem on Monday that represented what is now at the doors there. ~ ~ When today's Israel suddenly dies, and then becomes born again; Jesus loves you style. ~ ~ In other words, when Sally Fields received her kiss-of-death Oscar Award, she cried out, "YOU LOVE ME! YOU REALLY DO LOVE ME! ~ ~ Which is why Dawn [Speilberg] Steel made that steel town movie sensation called FLASHDANCE, and then she made that CARNIVAL OF SOULS movie in Lehi, Utah, called FOOTLOOSE; and then she ended up forming a production company called ATLAS. ~ ~ And then she died during the two witnesses' 1996ish apex era from a Jewish feminist induced brain tumor. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REMAKE NOTES: Last night at 19 minutes after the hour, not sure which hour, God gave me a flash dance vision that suggested that I should also make a sequel to TAXI DRIVER. ~ ~ Even the most visionary dreams are very symbolic and metaphorical of course. ~ ~ NEW DAWN NOTES: Probably every steel-fist 211 fascist movement in modern history has been about some kind of a new dawn. For a satanic counterfeit [birth certificate] version of the new dawn of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after three and a half days. Therefore, the first 666 Nazis gassed 6,666,666 Jews, just for starters. ~ ~ Just because you love the Big Lie, it does not mean that the Big Lie will love you back. Hence, that Jon Lovitz figure in FLASHDANCE finally calls the sexy man hunter girl back. ~ ~ BIG LIAR NOTES: At 26:56 on my FLASHDANCE DVD, the Barack Obama brake dancer falls down, and can't get back up, no matter how hard he tries. So he kisses us all goodbye. And then we cut to the trumpet sounds that started his prophetic BIG BROWN race horse prophecy at George Clooney's KENTUCKY DERBY. And you-all know how that ended. ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: In FLASHDANCE's flash visions number about the invisible man, we see me walk by in a flash at 54:33. ~ ~ FIRE ESCAPE NOTES: The inspired 1983 FLASHDANCE prophecy ends with a "FIRE ESCAPE" explanation. That was about the [Keira] McDonald, Washington County fire at that highlands lumber yard; near Cherry Valley's atlas map lines on your RAND McNALLY map book of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ BURGER KING NOTES: Have it your way, is the 1970-80s background idea when I'm seen stalking Emma Watson in my 911 in FLASHDANCE, 1983. Shorty after my divorce from the movie's proverbial bitch wife. Who fooled me once, but not twice. ~ ~ Back then, I wasn't into three-ways; especially if they involved two men and one wife.

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