Monday, October 28, 2013


If you don't quite get it yet, and I can't blame you if you don't because nobody at BYU ever taught you, at least just fast forward to the scenes in SMOKIN' ACES where the GSR/TWN karate kid is now living with his old 'granny'. ~ ~ For God's sake, lighten up, knock back a couple BUDS, and have some fun with it. ~ ~ What? Youmdon't believe in the word of wisdom's recipe for mild ales in D&C 89?. ~ ~ Don't fall for that Protestant teetotaler death trap that was set up for you in the Modern Era by Teddy Roosevelt meets Jimmy Carter. ~ ~ Liberalism is for Jews, queers, and niggers, not white men. Not to mention the religious extremist Muslim third Sayers mentioned in REV.16. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HALF NOTES: A half hour in heaven is actually two months less than 21 years. ~ ~ LIFE AQUATIC NOTES: Here is Gisele's new jaguar shark statement at: ~ ~ PER: ~ ~ ALSO: A man was electrocuted two times in the [east Texas] Shady Side, Maryland location where they shot the BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy at the SHADY REST home. ~ ~ VV NOTES: Right after my posting about my reluctant old friend Vince Vaughn rolled out, scientists in Michigan confirmed that the giant alien asian carp invasion has begun, like at: ~ ~ Then for the required Biblical second witness, MM's new video with Rihanna came out from Detroit, Michigan. ~ ~ THE LIFE AQUATIC REMAKE REALITY: Gisele Bundchen just let me know that she wants to have a jaguar shark bun in the oven who was sired by the King of England in the Barry Lyndon loser prophecy, as portrayed at: ~ ~ See this prophetic image about me having my way with Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan at the same time in the future, at: ~ ~ NEW FRESH NOTES: My 1970s [BFF/BYU] coed friend in Provo, Utah was so obsessed with the above Kubrick movie that he kept going back and seeing BARRY LYNDON, over and over. And so I went and saw it with him a second time too. Not realizing that it was about me getting to fuck his ex-wife, and he gets to fuck my ex-wife too; in some kind of a fare trade off. Think Jennifer Aniston meets Jennifer Garner.

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