Saturday, October 25, 2014


Apparently that blood bath in Marysville was an inside-the-family job confirmation of THE BIG EASY. That particular area of the state being a swampy river delta etc. where the Sky and the Snow Ho come together just upstream from Everett, Washington, if you get my drift. ~ ~ Otherwise, go play in the [I-5] freeway and leave me alone; said the mother to her unruly virgin kids. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE PRICE IS RIGHT NOTEE: Admittedly, I paid 99 bucks for my typical 59 buck off-brand tablet. [Long term never-ending APS purchase contract required.]  ~ ~ SINGING IN THE [Seattle] RAIN NOTES: I forked out 10.99 plus tax for this one today at TARGET. After realizing last night that it was ultimately about the time when people in Hollywood and Brentwood could start to talk openly about what is on their minds. After all those years of making politically correct hush hush silent pictures.

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