Thursday, October 16, 2014


That cat.4 is slamming into Clyde Lewis' UFO triangles show atlas location in confirmation of Taylor Swift's new DR. NO pussy cats video for COCA COLA; now posted at J2, etc. ~ ~ Which is about that Egyptian triangle icon on my Jesus Christ super star figure in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.  ~ ~ Which is the very same UFO triad that Clyde saw one day in Portland when he stepped out of an evergreen storefront STARBUCKS. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~
OOPSY: Sorry about the enclosed 11:57 time-stamp; didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ KILLER NOTES: Elizabeth Hurley's KILL CRUISE prophecy that came out in 1989 was a Bermuda Triangle thing. ~ ~ MIDDLE AGED ECONOMIC CRISIS NOTES:
I may look like I'm almost 57, as I drive around town in my original condition 1972 evergreen ALFA VELOCE with a nice pair of like-new 2+2 brown leather seats,  but I still feel much younger than that. ~ ~ You would too if you knew what I knew. ~ ~ KNOW IT ALL NOTES: Reportedly, around 20 love guru mountain guides were just killed in a freak post-season avalanche. Think Jim Car Rey in PET DETECTIVE: II, Africa.
 Not to mention Dr. 'Everest' Scott in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW; who was a reference to the film's homosexual UFO expert narrator on criminal behavior. ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMMIES: Yeah I know. I'm never going to look like a typical Charles Atlas in this life time. More like my fit and trim skinny protagonist does in THE BIG EASY, 1987.

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