Tuesday, October 14, 2014


SLEEPER is about the new and improved fascistic futurist  leader who was nominated in Colored-ado by Jewish liberals like Woody Allen. ~ ~ Who see themselves as Clyde Lewis type independents; just because they are not communists. ~ ~ Hence, Bogie starts to look a lot like Jerry Seignfeld in THE BIG SLEEP.  ~ ~ Wherein everyone is trying to figure out the confusing encoded plot line about the last days blackmailer in DC.  ~ ~ Therefore the short 5'7" actor died in 57 at age 57, per that line of Judah in D&C 57, in order to simplify things. ~ ~ In other words, the Jews in Hollywood are going to have to pay me off one way or the other. ~ ~ And no, you don't get to read the screenplay first. ~ ~ GSR?TWN  ~ ~
BRIDES OF DRACULA NOTES: The latest horror wedding confirmation happened near Upper Sandusky, Ohio for that PLAIN DEALER newspaper in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy about modern apostate christian marriage. ~ ~ Here is Miranda Kerr flashing her missing wedding ring at:
http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3217664/miranda-kerr-receives-warm-welcome-in-south-korea-05/ ~ ~ Remember,  Rush Limbaugh was married to his third crazy football fan wife by a negro priest. Who is still staying silent about Barack Obama's stolen iPAD Social Security number. ~ ~ The only real political independents out there right now are the so called Tea Party people. Everyone else on the AM radio dial is just fronting for ratings and advertiser dollars.  You talk about the real Obama, you get kicked off the air.

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