Saturday, October 4, 2014


That medicine wheel helicopter just fell out of the sky in Wichita Falls, Texas for a second example of the Turner Falls, Oklahomo accident. The dusty town's Clay County border line being a borderline reference to Klayman's new action to remove the desolation of abomination from the Greek [president] White House in DC. ~ ~ Since this is the place on your R/M atlas of Judah and Ephraim where Obama's ominous I-44 freeway begins on the west side. ~ ~ Right there is the T.G.I.F. 2014 Jewish Day of Judgement Holliday, Texas location on Rt.82, downstream from Ken Kemp's Lake Kemp fantasy fun land, and all that jazz. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ T.G.I.F. NOTES: This time it was a Brit on Friday's decapitation video for THE ROCKY HORROR [VIDEO] SHOW that was made in Britain. Which features a decapitated Medusa sports idol at about 1:13:40 on my DVD. Per the movie show's seven days [G7] theme references to the 666 beast of the seven peaks above SLC, Utah in REV.13, 17, etc. ~ ~ Huge 1260 days fire omen at THE AVIATOR's flight 1993 confirmation on your atlas at: ~ ~ BACKGROUND NOTES: See this enlightening link for a rather telling glimpse of what is really going on in the background at 30 ROCK and the NYT, at: ~ ~ Not to mention the Rush Limbaugh show on RKO radio. ~ ~ WILCOX FARMS NOTES: Believe it or not, that clean living naive Christian nerd family man from Britain, who just got his head cut off like an egg laying chicken, was named Henning. ~ ~ Lake Arrowhead is located next to Scotland, Texas, for example. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ MODERN POLYGAMY NOTES: Here is my German Jewish wife from Brazil having loads of fun role playing my [Madison dance] line leader, at: ~ ~ Ergo, the reason why polygamy is still illegal in Utah is because today's pussy whipped Ken Kemp type Mormons are still worrying too much about what the world might think of them. ~ ~ Same thing goes for negros holding the priesthood of Adam; women being allowed to vote; and their strange obsession with reformed Protestant teetotalerism. Which was the birth of modernism's Marxist feminist movement featured in Woody Allen's inspired MIDNIGHT IN PARIS fantasy movie.

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