Monday, October 27, 2014


Frederico Fellini was pretty hot stuff by 1957. Ergo, the 57 year-old director of the AUSTIN POWERS trilogy was born in 57; since 1957 was 57 years ago. ~ ~ Who is now about to take that final step to the right. ~ ~ Better late than never. ~ ~  Imagine me fucking Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie at the same time. Then throw Hillary Swank into the mix and you start to get the Divinely inspired picture. ~ ~ If you play your cards to the right, even you can end up in the celestial kingdom as a sex God who can fuck 100 pairs of wives at the same time. ~ ~ Hence all of those overweight Buddhist zen gods in Nepal who are depicted as having an infinite number of simultaneous hands and arms at the same time.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Sadly, I would have been all over Brad Pitt's inspired movie about some Nazi spending 7 years of his life trekking in the Northern Cascade Mountains of Washington State. After I returned from my mission to Rome,  I climbed the cliff along Bridal Veil Falls and fished for those extremely handsome and exotic black-spotted Montana cutthrout trout in the pure as gin white gravel creek that flows down from the two Jordan lakes. Which represent the very fertile Sea of Galoe and the Dead Sea in modern day Judea. But alas, for some reason I have never been able to get my hands on a copy of it.

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