Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Reportedly, nobody in this fall's invisible election is even being reported on in the Jew media. Lest they be seen as standing at the bar next to my prophetic INSIVIIBLE MAN sidekick drinking buddy, which begins in the dead of winter during the first nazi 666 era at an English pub in a small town. ~ ~ Indeed, pray that your flight not be in winter; during the sea-run rainbow trout steelhead season.  ~ ~ Obviously, no one wants to mention Barack Obama's name right now because we have become such good friends in recent years. ~ ~ GSR/\TWN ~ ~ 35 LINE NOTES: At about 35 minutes into DANCING IN THE RAIN's amazing plural wives line-dancing number, we see one of my tennis ball wives holding two balls for a three-way baller thing. ~ ~ LINE LEADER NOTES: Generally saying,  my first youthful wives are going to become the line leader queens of all of my princesses in the Kingdom of God. Where everyone gets to advance to the next lofty and glorious position of authority and acclaim if they are just willing to patiently wait and pull out their ace cards when the time is right. ~ ~ TIMER NOTES: When you see me hanging out at some London pub with Berry Obama in MARK 13:14 you will know just how wrongO you have been. ~ ~ In other words, the idea that Jesus was never married is totally gay. ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: While cat napping at 4:54 pm on October 23, God suddenly informed me in a spoken word revelation that you have five years left to play your cards right; and put your money where your big mouth is. ~ ~ So here is the deal; you pay for everything, and I give you a cut of Orson Welles inspired born again sailboat movie called  THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND. I AM is not joking now. That "sweet sixteen" reference to you getting your well aged cigar smoked  in SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is for real. All you have to do is give the nice young lady on the phone at the yatch brokerage your credit card number. Leave the rest up to me, if you know what I mean.

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