Friday, October 24, 2014


I tried my best last night to get through the last half of DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, but I just couldn't hack it anymore. ~  ~ Sadly, even the worse Jim Carey movies are superior to the best Steve Carell movies. ~ ~ Maybe DUMB AND DUMBER: III will even up the score a little; guess we will just half to wait and see. ~ ~ The polls usually do start to tighten up right before election day in any given November. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOTHER MARY NOTES: An R44 helicopter collided with Angelina Jolie's SR22 in Mary Land on the same day that Seinfeld's copter promo came out for his comedians at STARBUCKS series. Right there is Rt.70 and all that shit. ~ ~ I tried to go back for seconds and watch it another time, but it was a no go on my new $59 off-brand knock-off Android tablet.  Whatever, if this does not become some kind of a groovy underground indie film comedy, shot on the cheap in home video, I wash my hands of the whole thing. ~ ~ Believe it or not, my new 59 buck unit that looks like a cheap piece of shit, is also a video recorder; a voice-over recorder; a still lense camera,  with full editing capabilities; plus email and voice texting. ~ ~ Oh how the high and mighty are gonna fall, and fall hard.

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