Friday, October 3, 2014


There is a Divinely inspired reason why Howard Stern keeps going on and on about MILFs. ~ ~ Take Scarlett Johansson for example, who descends down the airport escalator at the end of VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA as we hear the word "...Ebola..." in the Spanish score lyrics, circa 2008. And then we see Granny Grass walking away in the background. ~ ~ Shortly after we had seen that Robin [bird] Williams look alike in the white bird cage shot. ~ ~ Wherein Vicky gets a call from her real husband, and not that boring moronic man that she had just married. ~ ~ For a second example, see this inspired pap of the SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE actress who speaks fluent Spanish pretending to be secretly talking to someone else on her cell phone, at: ~ ~ And who usually spends a few months every year living in Spain. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READERS: Justin Beaver would play that naive filmmaker fiancée to my Orson Welles era fuck interest in any LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake. If his French Canadian accent acting is not all that groovy, then we will just work that into the screenplay and make the most of it. ~ ~ KISSING COUSINS NOTES: On some level, Vicky's rich husband reminds me of the same boring man that my hot blond babe cousin married. [The second daughter of my uncle James Relf who is a dead ringer for the shortish Ben Stiller.] ~ ~ Meanwhile, she now spends all of her time traveling around the world without him and staying in 5-star HILTON HOTELs; just trying to keep herself amused and satisfied until something better comes along, like me. ~ ~ Think Paris Hilton hooks up with me when the time is right for both of us. ~ ~ And Sarah Silverman too, if she plays her cards right. ~ ~ Who knows, maybe I let Woody fuck my wife Sarah just because they both have the same birth dates, like Michael Douglas and Catherin Zeta Jones. If that is what it takes to get him up and going again, like at: ~ ~ PS WOODY: Jesus Christ already. Even I never thought about the idea of you making a really groovy and more interesting horror movie for neurotic pseudo intellectual thinkers, like at: ~ ~ I'm thinking some kind of a creepy transfigured Orson Welles Dracula wanna be in heavy makeup hooks up with an older and therefore more vulnerable ensemble cast that includes the still sexy Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Elizabeth Hurley; set in London. ~ ~ Who promises them the fountain of youth; yada yada. ~ ~ That is if they all agree to sign on the dotted line and then suck every drop from his cock until it runs dry; yada yada. ~ ~ And of course as usual, you get to write it and direct it. Not only because the tax free six-figure money will be right, but you also will get a nice piece of the action. ~ ~ "When you build up the Kingdom of God, you are building up your own kingdom." []

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