Thursday, February 18, 2016


Judge Scalia died with a pillow over his head at a hunting ranch along the non existant EZE.38 borders of lost Israel for the rather strange and prophetic orange juice murder plot of that apostate polite society judge in IRRATIONAL MAN. ~ ~ The holiday weekend timing was for the world coming to an end at a HOLIDAY INN on Valentine's Day 2016 in GHOSTBUSTERS:II ~ ~ All of this being about the spoken word revelation recorded at about the political/religious leadership of the D&C 86 churches getting hunted down one-by-one for what they done. ~ ~ And all of it was just confirmed by the pope of the devil in ROSEMARY'S BABY visiting the very same region in the days after. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MARATHON NOTES:  We understand that the shadowy 1976 MARATHON MAN prophecy takes place today; because of the movie's opening shots of Barack Obama winning the political runners race in 08; while looking over his shoulder and hoping that none of the white guys catch him. ~ ~ The above Donald Trump figure stabs the amoral Republican Party operative from DC at the orange stairs fountain.  ~ ~ Primarily because he was your typical shortish Jew who likes to knife white people in the back. ~ ~ Ergo, his anti hero middle name is "Christian". [Winn]  ~ ~ The Donald is a Christian of course;  just like Glenn Beck, and that GROUND ZERO midnight radio conspiracy theory guy out of Portland, Oregon. ~ ~ Didn't they make some movie back in the1981 year of Donald Reagan about a devout Christian Presbyterian Church Scottish marathon man runner during WWI who eventually won the race during WWIII?.. Like at: ~ ~ ? ~ ~ The kids call Dustin Hoffman's little short brown eyed Jew fucker in MARATHON MAN Mr."Creepy" for a reason. Note the boner in his pants at 1:54:22 minutes on the DVD. ~ ~ "It's so big!" Paul Nestor, circa 1981. ~ ~

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