Sunday, February 21, 2016


After I saw that Jeb Bush came in 4th place on Saturday, I decided to review SEMI-PRO again. Wherein the FLINT TROPICS battle for a 4th place finish on a Saturday. Who were sponsored by BUSH BAVARIAN beer, and Bush comes from tropical Florida, etc. ~ ~ Basically, the prophetic 2007 sports movie spoof is about the "last game" contest in American politics that doesn't matter to some people; before the Union is dissolved into three parts in REV.16. ~ ~ That is after the team scores those 126 points needed in the final 'mega dittos' bowl of Iowa corn flakes, and everyone in the audience gets free Iowa corn dogs, yada yada. ~ ~ Not to mention the attack of that Danite Russian bear symbol, or the 'Black Lives Matter' cop car riots at the end. ~ ~ Of course, non of this shit could have ever happened if Jeb Bush et al had not poisoned the waters in the first place in Flint, Michigan with their complicit lead foot silence in the matter of Obama's fact-checked birth certificate forgery, or his fack-checked use of a deceased person's Social Security number; garbage in, garbage out... ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~MERGER NOTES: The merger of the negro Republican Party basketball league with the negro Democrat Party league started to happen way back in the Gerald Ford, Michigan 1970s era. Which is why both Harper Lee and Judge Scalia were buried on the same Saturday that Bush 1/2/3 dropped out of the race in the CHARIOTS OF FIRE prophecy. And Glenn Beck started his fasting and prayers for Senator Cruz to become the next unconstitutional non-natural-born-clown look alike citizen of LAmanite America to become the next President of Texas. ~ ~ Dude, call me. I'm all in on this one. ~ ~ You want my future Tex-Mex wife Eva Longoria to suck on your cock so hard that it starts to bleed, you got it. ~ ~ HA HA HA HA HA HA... [Satan]  ~ ~ Oh by the way. These days, things always seem to come in twos.  ~ ~ Never forget that the prophetic 2008 DUPLICITY movie made in Roma, co-starring Julia Roberts and I, was about me and her and Donatella Greco getting married some day. ~ ~ And absolutely everyone involved in the motion picture production just loved it; and can't wait to participate in the sequel; if the money is right of course. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ My wife Miley Cyrus would be more than willing to suck off Woody Allen's cock during his next project; that is if it is OK with his sexy bored-to-death Mrs.Rev. Moon face Korean wife. ~ ~ PS MILEY: If you really want to make Woody Allen's [TWIN PEAKS] wanna be tv series that much more special; surprise him with a simple bow job fantasy that suddenly turns into a full on eternal never-ending face-to-face sexual intercourse reality television experience that he will never forget. ~ ~ Just make sure that you are thinking about me when you do it. ~ ~ Only Jesus knows what is truly in the heart of a person who has been saved by his infinite grace.
grace in the long run. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ How many men and women has Elizabeth Hurley slept with? Yet she is still my wife. ~ ~ And she always will be, whether she likes it or not; in the short run. ~ ~

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