Thursday, February 25, 2016


THE JEWEL OF THE NILE ends with the US Constitution hanging by a thread over that  deeply poisoned well in Flint, Michigan. Per the movie's earlier "5,6" dialogue reference to the 5.6 WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. ~ ~ When there would be a half negro  mulatto firgure in the white peoples' destroyed White House plantation of America; who represents the day 1260/1290 fulfillment of the sodom and Egypt prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Who is not even a fact-checked US Citizen. ~ ~ And when the white men get angry about it, Glenn Beck et all try to smear them as racist brown shirts. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOONIE NOTES: There will be a 3/4 full moon in the sky on the same night of the Republican debate in Houston. For a very precise and to the point time-line Gregorian calendar confirmation of that bright 3/4 moon in the night in 85's THE JEWEL OF THE NILE prophecy. ~ ~ SUPER 16MM NOTES: Back around 91, I was standing outside the EGYPTIAN after just having screened the long lost film outtakes for F FOR FAKE; costarring Orson Welles and John Huston. When the super 16mm camera man on the project suddenly walked right up to me; almost forcing me to politely introduced himself. ~ ~I was so caught off base by the situation, that the only thing that I could think of to say in the way of polite conversation was, "Call me if you need any money to complete the project." ~ ~ Then I walked away down the sidewalk thinking, "Jesus!.. I'm such a vain idiot!" ~ ~ Little did I know at the time. ~ ~ NOTES FOR MY NIGGERS: The skinny Obama Chris Rock figure will be hosting the 16 OSCARS for a big gem rock jewel thing.  ~ ~ This being THE BLUES BROTHERS sequel that ended down river from there in Louisiana. ~ ~ Where the cotton grows high, and Sandra Bullock's all grown up negro baby slaves in The Kingdom of God get to become literally nigger rich. ~ ~

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