Saturday, February 6, 2016


That earthquake in Nationalist China was a YEAR OF THE MONKEY meat prophecy about the two witnesses earthquake in Chinatown, Chicago, USA. ~ ~ Oh yeah, all of you white Nephite Republicans who are supporting those two Lamanite redskin Republicans candidates are dead cold red meat. ~ ~ Better dead than red. ~ ~ Live free or die. ~ ~ What a fucking joke. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SERIAL MOM NOTES: All of my predictions about THE BREAKUP earthquake prophecy, co-starring Jennifer Aniston, are based upon the spoken word revelation that the Warren Jeff [FLDS] look alike detective in the above John Waters movie received a few years ago. ~ ~ In case you forgot, he was the apostate Mormon church leader who is now rotting in some Texas state prison for fucking 16 year-old virgins. ~ ~ Which is one of the primary reasons why I don't support Ted Cruz for President. Even though his political philosophical politics are a cut above Donald Trump's right-wing socialist populism. ~ ~ PS JOHNNY DEPP: If not for Jesus Christ and his servant love slave John Waters, you would be some middle aged loser who is still slinging hash potatoes and fried eggs at some HASTY TASTY dinner, or donut shop, in Aurora, Illinois. ~ ~ Of course, you know this by now. ~ ~ I AM is just posting it on here today for the sake of all those LDS missionary greenies out there in Roma, Italy. ~ ~ PS NICKY AND SANDY: Since you two did not listen to your husband and buy up that secret south side pirates cove [EZE.47] property on Lopez Island, I AM is now released from any [fair warning] responsibilities that I ever had for you two. ~ ~ Think PRACTICAL MAGIC meets the original CHAINSAW MASSACRE indie film movie sensation made down in Dallas, Texas for peanuts. ~ ~ You don't marry me, I don't marry you; ladies first. ~ ~

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