Thursday, February 11, 2016


Exactly on time like a clockwork orange thing, Donald Trump's emotionally excruciating, and extremely effective, campaign ads for President began to role out of Iran right before the PRESIDENTS DAY month that follows the 42 months prophecy in REV.11. ~ ~ Wherein the star of CRY BABY comes out with his Donald Trump publicity piece on the millennial Internet at the same time. ~ ~ Try your best to remember now. This was the 1990 John Waters movie about me fucking underaged teenagers and so called older "married" women at the same time in Baltimore, Maryland. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERNIE: I know that your Jewish atheist antiwhite man lying heart is in the right place; on a certain naive and confused little boy level. ~ ~ And I sincerely mean it. ~ ~ However, I like my primo Preston, Idaho prime rib cow steaks medium rare; never medium. ~ ~ And god forbid, never, ever, medium well. ~ ~ Otherwise, I send it back to the kitchen. ~ ~ In a perfect world, you would become Donald Trump's running mate. ~ ~ And nobody would care about how old both of you are getting. ~ ~ "Age is just a number." The Heff; Larry King; Larry David; yada yada. ~ ~ Not so much The Woodman. ~ ~ ROSEMARY'S BABY NOTES: The first thing that my new readers should learn about this 19666 prophecy is that we see today's Israel leader BiBi waiting outside the phone booth as Rosemary calls the day 1290 baby doctor in REV.12. Per that physically transfigured David Lynch look alike Catholic at the Republican Party yacht club in S.A.G. harbor, Long Island. ~ ~ Think DEATH TRAP meets STARDUST MEMORIES meets PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO meets RADIO DAYS; and you start to get the big time picture. ~ ~ PS THE DONALD: Mel Gibson's recent Internet movie about that private real estate run 666 prison down in Mexico, called GET THE GRINGO, was a prophecy about the time when the queer-as-orange white American country club establishment would start to go after you, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ YEAR 16 NOTES: The first month after the 42 months prophecy starts to end on Valentine's Day, and Abraham's [Lincoln] Jewish Presidents Day in the year 2016. Go figure. ~ ~ February is Black History Month; when everyday is Negro Day in John Water's HAIRSPRAY movie prophecy. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: You know that you can trust me because I AM is one of the only few insider guys out there who knows and understands that THE CABLE GUY was your ultimate career masterpiece. That and YES MAN of course; which goes without saying, at:

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