Tuesday, February 16, 2016


That tall blond Hebrewish anti-hero in MARATHON MAN represents today's new hero of the little white worker guys. ~ ~ Work will set you free, and all that jazz. ~ ~ No. Really. ~ ~ The which came out decades before there could be any new special edition encore DVD that includes extra alternative endings, etc. etc. ~ ~ Hopefully with one that doesn't have that half pint Jew Dustin Hoffman letting all those precious diamonds of Israel go down the drain in Central Park. ~ ~ As if they were a worthless thing of naught. ~ ~ OK, so the supposed 69ish antagonist in the movie was a bit rough and uncut around the edges. ~ ~ At least he wasn't some Democrat Party liberal homosexual negro from Africa. ~ ~ Ergo, Kanye West meets the man from Kenya East, who has bankrupted America to the tune of $20 trillion. ~ ~ Plus another $20 trillion minimum in unfunded short term federal pension retirement liabilities. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERNIE: One can not steal much from the rich when the rich no longer have that much money. ~ ~ DIRECTOR'S CUT NOTES: Don't waste your time watching LAST TANGO IN PARIS if you do not have the non Jewish director's cut. ~ ~ PS W: Both you and I know that God inspired you to invade Iraq, according to various spoken word revelations from the lost tribes prophets. ~ ~ Most of whom work at brake shops or drive delivery vans. ~ ~ Because Saddam had in his possession dozens of electromagnetic blasting cap systems stored in a small 12x12 basement room that are required to implode enriched uranium.  Which still exist to this day in the ISIS occupied regions of Syria. ~  ~ Talk about finding a [REV.9] needle in a haystack. ~ ~ The very inspired Donald is just trying to appeal to his half Jewish base. Just like you and your father were always trying to appeal to the niggers with your unconstitutional apostate politics support for the 1964 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT.  And of course your more recent stonewalling of the truth reguarding Barack Obama's forged background documents. ~ ~ Don't worry about Trump. He is still a work in progress. ~ ~ Right now, you better worry more about your brother. ~ ~ CRY BABY NOTES: Be still my heart! ..Taylor Swift wore a drapes outfit at the golden GRAMMYS that featured the color scheme of my resorted mint 1950s coup in the 1990 movie, seen at:  http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3580255/celebs-praise-taylor-swift-on-her-grammys-win-speech-18/fullsize/ ~ ~ VISIONARY MAN NOTES: This www link contains a still of my anti-hero in MARATHON MAN, positioned in front of a symbolic future TRUMP TOWER at:  http://sensesofcinema.com/2003/great-directors/schlesinger/ ~ ~
PS SANDY: Yesterday I dreamed that you though that my red Mormon underwear in ZERO EFFECT was kind of sexy.

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