Thursday, February 18, 2016


The long lost precious diamonds of Israel are kept in a number 596 safety box in MARATHON MAN.  As confirmed by this no.596 fake of Keira Knightly wearing nothing but jogging shoes. Note the naked lady golf ball tee from CADDY SHACK, at: ~ ~ Sorry boys. Donald Trump and I are going to lick the competition in 16, and you all get butt kiss. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
PS DON RICKLES: The entire never ending story of your Jewish Reagan Democrat life as a genius insult comic is a Providential prelude to Donald Trump becoming the President of America in 16. ~ ~ See the magic at: ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: The upcoming primary-prelude electoral vote in Las Vegas will be all about your look alike loan shark character who gets a thorough licking in LEPRECHAUN:3.
 ~ ~ There is a reason why Tony Scalia looked like Lou Castello in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, circa 1948. Even the same year when the reformed democratic socialist State of Israel was founded by a host of neo Stalinist Jews from Brooklyn, NY and Berlin [Vermont]  Germany, at:  . ~ ~ This being the one where my American Wolfman in London figure rips apart the sofa throne of England in the beginning. And in the end we see the Invisible Man sitting on the bow of Ken McLeod's little trout fishing row boat on King Lake, Snohomish County, circa 1968; fly fishing with no.10 buck hair yellow professors for 6" eastern Jewish brook trout.

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